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A Tribute to EYE Q and Harthouse Records

EYE Q and Harthouse were arguably the best and most progressive record labels during the period of roughly 6 years (1991 - 1997) in Germany.
When I say "best" I'm referring to the quality and diversion. They were almost a precise mirror of the techno scene at that time.

Although Harthouse was "only" a sublabel of EYE Q it soon surpassed it regarding success and fame.

Both were a major factor in the development of the music, scene and introduction of new music styles. Most of Frankfurt's major artists appeared on at least one of them, which is the reason why they became so famous..duh!

Some of the famous artists that appeared on these labels include Sven Všth (under several pseudonyms), Resistance D, Arpeggiators, Spicelab, Pulse, Virtual Symmetry, Oliver Lieb, Steve B-zet, Cari Lekebusch and of course Hardfloor.

I have compiled an unofficial discography, which (I hope) is complete. If you should discover any mistakes or have further suggestions and information, please let me know.


Harthouse featured the harder more progressive music style :

"Ambient Punk, Science Fiction House, Progressive Voodoo - Techno and Liquid Monster - Trance"

as they themselves described it.
Its purpose was to give new artists room to experiment and the chance that most major labels would not give them.

Most of the 12" releases are made for the club, the 10" releases are of experimental nature and the LP releases are "Home-listening" stuff.

The number of copies per 12" releases was kept very low - 2000 each, some even less.
Quite a few releases are absolute rarities - especially the earlier ones.



EYE Q released softer and more "mainstream" Techno - mainly Trance. EYE Q was less experimental than Harthouse and thus attracted a broader range of listeners. A lot of the "Trance Hymns" appeared on this label.

While EYE Q had less releases total, more copies were printed.

Sven Všth published "Accident in Paradise" and "The Harlequin, The Robot and The Ballet Dancer" on this label.

The seven Harthouse Compilations and three EYE Q Compilations - "Behind the Eye I and II" and "Five years of EYE Q" were also released.


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