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Welcome to 3rdSPACE

This site consists of two main areas :

– > The BABYLON 5 Area

with a decent image and Babylon 5 Art collection.
I collected images that (I thought) were among the best on the net and posted the here.
This area also contains links to the artists, their websites and meshes (models).

If you really like these artist's images check out their websites or contact them about any images as they are the respective owners and it is a lot of work to create the models and images.

– > The Techno Area

which presents the techno record labels:


There is a brief description and the Discographies. But I guess if you are here, you already know them :-)

I included The Discography of Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenker AKA HARDFLOOR, because they are among my absolute favourites that were ever published on these Labels.


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